The printed translucent ceiling is the ceiling model on which the desired print is made. translucent ceiling, one of the most popular decoration ideas of recent years, started to take its place in many structures with its advantages. Many ideas come at the beginning of the reason why stretch ceilings are heavily preferred. The back ceilings, which add mobility and elegance to the surroundings, can be used in almost all areas, thus providing great freedom. Back ceilings produced by using new technologies draw attention with other features such as elegance, yesterday or printed models are an option according to every taste or decoration. The stretch ceilings in the first order of those who prefer a different form are among the products that are easy to apply and require little maintenance.

Why Translucent Ceiling Panels Should Be Preferred

One of the most common problems when decorating an area is the provision of a suitable ceiling image. Classic lighting unfortunately does not offer sufficient facilities at this point. Instead, stretch ceilings provide unlimited selection of models. The desired pressures can be applied on the stretch ceiling. The general structure of the application area is looked at in selecting the printing model. Printing is determined according to the purpose of the decoration and the area to be used. Nowadays, when the visual richness of the image is taken into consideration, it can easily be seen how much the stretch ceiling models can be diversified. It is possible to get a completely different view with printed stretch ceiling which can be applied in houses or businesses.

What İs The Advantage Of Translucent Ceiling Panels?

First of all, translucent ceiling are made of environmentally friendly materials. None of the materials used are harmful to human health. Even with this aspect they have a big plus. translucent ceiling that can be cleaned and do not create paint need over time will continue to appear as new as they were for a long time. They are assembled in a short time and do not create any mess and dirt during assembly. There is no need to change the place of furniture in translucent ceiling applications. It especially closes the worn floors very well, does not make extra labor cost as long as it is used. The modern look is the highlight. It has a more elegant style than the classic all styles. Tension ceilings spread light around them in the most homogeneous way. Tension ceilings can be easily applied even in damp, damp areas. Tension ceilings can be made in various geometric forms. Contrary to what is suspected, there are only square or rectangular stretch ceiling models. Depending on the needs of the space can be provided a stretch ceiling form.

Where Are Translucent Ceiling Panels Used?

Translucent ceiling can be used in any kind of space. This form of ceiling can be applied in houses, hotel lobbies, wedding halls, public buildings, theaters. In addition, the wide range of printed stretching ceilings provides a wide range of usage areas. If pressure is to be applied on the translucent ceiling panels, the general concept is taken into account and the most suitable pressure is determined in this way. For example, if stretch ceilings are used in a pool area, continuity can be achieved by applying a stretch ceiling model as the reflection of the pool. If the child’s room is to be prepared, one of the children’s favorite heroes can be on the stretch ceiling. To benefit from all these advantages of stretch ceilings, the application must be carried out in a highly professional manner. We advise you to stay away from amateur work in order to avoid problems. The higher the quality of the products and the workmanship used, the longer the life of the translucent ceiling panels. Our company specialized in translucent ceiling panels application is at your service to answer any questions you may have. You can get the details of all the questions you have in mind, details of the application stages and the stretch ceilings and choose the model you want.


Printed stretch ceiling, work place as home decoration in recent years, large salons hotels etc. It is an extremely aesthetic ceiling covering system used in many places. It is applied by heating. There are models in many colors and patterns. One of its important features is that it is not affected by the moisture conditions. It does not require maintenance and painting after application. It offers many years of use.

Translucent Ceiling Panels Advantages:

• Waterproof

• No need to be cleaned frequently

• creep

• Extremely comfortable to use

• Extremely comfortable and easy to install. Can be easily and quickly removed

• It has a wide variety of decoration models.

• Can be designed according to the condition of the floor

• Highly decorative and aesthetic. Has acoustic properties

• Can be applied to walls as well as ceilings

• Durable compared to whitewash

• creep

• Load capacity is 150 kg

• Prices are affordable and economical

• Very easy to clean. Easily cleaned with a wet damp cloth Printed Stretch Ceiling Types There are two types of stretch ceilings.

• Digital printed stretch ceiling

• UV printed stretch ceiling

Digital Printing Translucent Ceiling Panels

Most preferred is the type of printed stretch ceiling. These stretch ceilings are used in almost all places. The visual diversity is quite high. As a result of the images printed on the stretch ceiling fabrics, there is a perfect light and decoration. Customer satisfaction as a company is very important for us. We serve our customers by using the highest quality and most economical products. Printed stretch ceilings, our applications, the interior design of the design of the interior designers of our customers, they are created in the computer by applying any kind of modern or classic lines are prepared and installed as soon as possible. The printed stretch ceiling is digitally formed by printing on the stretch ceiling fabric. This system, which is applied as UV printing technique, does not undergo any deformation with extremely useful, non-fading vibrant colors and high quality dyes. It is also very healthy in terms of health, bacteria does not occur during the use of any deformation does not suffer. The most preferred stretch ceilings in ceiling decorations in recent years, homes, weddings and conference halls, work places decoration is used too much. It provides an aesthetic comfort in the darkest spaces illumination with light pastel nature pictures.

UV Printing Translucent Ceiling Panels

It is applied on stretch ceiling fabrics which are used as translucent ceiling panels with a technique called led UV printing technique. This technique reflects the selected aesthetic images in a very stylish way with the brightness of the LED light. The translucent ceiling in the area of ​​interior architecture are applied by using the latest facilities of technology. It can be applied in gloss, matt, satin, lacquered, plain white or multicolour according to the requests of our customers. In UV printed translucent ceilings, the brightness of the light is extremely aesthetically compatible with the selected images. UV printed stretch ceilings are manufactured using inks called eco-solvent. Printed translucent ceiling panels is one of the most preferred ceiling types in indoor decoration. He left behind other known classic ceiling tiles. The most preferred sky paintings provide an aesthetic look that transforms indoor spaces into natural environments. It is widely used in today’s shopping centers, houses, business and hotels. When you want to change the decoration of your house in your newly opened workplaces, We can contact with you in the restorations of your existing indoor or semi-outdoor spaces, we can bring together your tastes with our technical information and create very elegant and aesthetic designs together. These designs will be produced as soon as possible and as soon as possible to complete the assembly of stylish spaces. We bring our economic and quality products to our customers.


Printed translucent ceiling panels are generally made with digital printing technique and UV printing technique. Tension ceiling models make your walls and ceilings look more modern and attractive. The translucent ceiling panels cost, which is one of the most used decoration methods of recent times, is low but it is very useful. Translucent ceiling panels that do not pose a risk of deterioration or deterioration also do not cause problems such as flammability or moisture retention. Once applied, stretch ceilings that you can use for as long as you want can be quite cost-free and easy to use. At the same time, the translucent ceiling, which look very nice and remarkable, also provide a lot of picture printing techniques.

How To Apply A Printed Translucent Ceiling Panels

For the printed translucent ceiling panels, all you need to do is choose the picture or shape you want to see on your ceilings. With your digital and UV printing techniques developed with the latest technology, your ceilings may seem as you wish. With high print quality, your ceilings may look pretty and decorative. When applied with translucent ceiling panels, the materials used in the application are of great importance. Materials that are not harmful to health and that do not smell, should be used. Both the products used and the application technique are of great importance. These points are very important in order for the translucent ceiling panels to be used longer and not harmful to health. Quality should not be compromised. The materials used to make your ceilings look more colorful and beautiful should also be of high quality. In this way, you can use your stretch ceiling without any distortion or fading risk for a very long time. For a high quality material and application, all innovations should be followed. With a high print quality, if you want a photo of your own, you can see a computer prepared on your wall.

Printed Translucent Ceiling Panels Is Not Influenced By Sun, Heat Or Humidity

Printed translucent ceiling panels is applied on the pvc membrane fabric using UV ie ultraviolet technique. It is very easy to clean and only a damp waist should be removed. Any external impact will not cause deterioration or fraying on the print stretch ceiling. It is not possible for the printing paints to fade, wear out or come out. Since the texture of the fabric can pass through, light-colored sky pictures can make your space much more spacious and bright. In this way you can save enlightenment while at the same time have a very stylish space. The effect of the light reflecting the light and the visual effect of the fabric is very high. At the same time, the stretch ceilings that you can use also with internal LED illumination, allow the light to spread evenly in the space. There is no size or color limitation in digital printed stretch ceiling applications. As for indoor use, digital printed stretch ceiling can be applied on advertising boards. The stretch ceilings printed in HD quality are among the most preferred models. The air of all your space changes because it is very bright and beautiful. For more information about stretch ceiling printing techniques and the prices of the application, please visit our experienced company. Our experienced team works on this subject without sacrificing quality and taking into account customer satisfaction. We can apply any picture or image you want to your ceiling. Our company follows the latest innovations and works with advanced technology. To find out more, just make a call.


The fabric translucent ceiling is among the most preferred stretch ceiling products. Especially the satin translucent ceiling, matte stretch ceiling, led backlight and transparent stretch ceiling attracted the attention of many people. The use of fabric in the tensioner ceiling has brought a whole new dimension to this issue. Stretch ceiling application with ceiling-stretched fabrics conceals all irregularities and imperfections in the ceiling. It also covers parts such as cables or pipes that you don’t want to appear. Your ceilings look much more spacious and different with the desired pattern, image or image printing on the fabric. The application of the stretch ceilings, which are also very comfortable, is also very simple.

How To Clean Fabric Translucent Ceiling Panels?

The fabric used in the fabric translucent ceiling panels is a special product that does not keep dust and dirt. This product that does not allow the microbes to be sheltered also does not smell and does not have any harmful properties. Maintenance and cleaning is also very comfortable. If you see a stain on the stretch ceiling, you can clean it by removing the cap of your vacuum cleaner. If you wipe with a damp cloth and detergent, immediately wipe the cloth with a cloth. It is also recommended that you wipe the stretch fabric that is affected by excess water and moisture after wiping it with a dry cloth. A simple to clean translucent ceiling panels ensures that your ceiling is always clean and spacious. This makes your home look much more decorative, modern and stylish. You will not be affected by any problem such as spider web, dust and dirt.

How To Apply Fabric Translucent Ceiling Panels

Fabric stretch ceiling is applied at room temperature. This is also called cold installation. If you choose a fabric such as white, ecru or optic white, your ceiling looks as if you have gypsum or plaster. You can choose a white fabric in bright tones and you may want to get a matt look. The quality of the fabric and the good profile of the tension profile make your ceiling look much better. You should work with a specialist staff to install the fabric stretch ceiling. Both high-quality materials and a reliable translucent ceiling panels ensure a very comfortable and clean use for a long time. Then any maintenance-free tension ceiling can also be considered as an insulating material. Prevents fraying and soiling of ceilings and walls. The fabric of the translucent ceiling panels also does not carry the risks of fading, wear and deterioration.

Stretch Ceiling Fabric Printing

Any dyestuff that is harmful to health is not used in the printing on the fabrics used in the translucent ceiling panels. If the UV printing technique is used by a specialist team with high-quality materials, the colors that will never fade in your translucent ceiling are obtained. Your living room will always look stunning with vibrant and bright colors. If you prefer to apply the stretch ceiling, you should work with a company that has gained experience in this area. Our company is working on a long time fabric stretch ceiling application with its experienced staff. The materials and printing techniques we use are in accordance with the latest technology. Both the application and the use of stretch ceilings that do not require much expense today is preferred by many people. You can call us if you want to get the best service and to work with a company that gives priority to customer satisfaction. We work with the best options in terms of both quality and price. You can choose a fabric stretch ceiling application with the color or print you want to give a stylish and distinct air to your home as well as a healthier and cleaner use. Our company has a wide range of options on this subject, but we can do the best for you in the best possible way and in the shortest time. To get the price and information about the stretch ceiling application, just make a call to us.