Printed Stretch Ceiling

PRINTED STRETCH ceiling models are especially preferred for radiating light and bringing the ceiling to a spectacular light image. PRINTED is a membrane-permeable construction material. It allows light to pass through and spread evenly to space. If such a building material is arranged with a LED illuminated installation, even a ceiling with a fairly ordinary appearance becomes even more spectacular. When this lighting system is combined with advanced printing techniques, the appearance of your ceiling becomes even more noticeable. With a high resolution UV printing method, the image you want can be combined with a spectacular illumination. Any picture you want to see in your workplace or home can be applied on a PRINTED membrane. The lighting system remains constant while the picture can be easily changed at any time. That is to say, both the application and the replacement are very simple and cost effective.

PRINTED STRETCH Ceiling Models Applied Methods

The most important reason why PRINTED STRETCH ceiling models look perfect is the PRINTED membranes that can pass the light. Together with the LED lighting system, you can have a lighting ceiling in the color you want. If you want, your ceiling may appear white, colored or any color you want. The LED lighting system and the PRINTED membrane ensure even light distribution. If the application is done by a specialized team, the changes in the light and even the sunset can be reflected on your ceiling. The latest techniques for LED lighting provide a much better view.
Only certain areas can be illuminated through lighting channels. A special lighting system can be installed in order to ensure a healthier environment to ensure that your eyes do not get tired while working. A functional lighting system can be installed to ensure you get less tired. Combining lighting channels and different systems, your ceiling can look much more elegant and modern. Lighting also adds space and spaciousness to the space. It allows you to benefit from daylight more effectively. However, it is possible to provide them with a team experienced in STRETCH ceiling application.


The PRINTED STRETCH ceiling models naturally turn any space into a much more beautiful and different way with a new lighting system. With this light system, your decoration changes completely. With a very simple application and an affordable cost, your home or business place gains an excellent look. With stunning lighting systems and different shading formats, you can contact us for professionally designed STRETCH ceiling applications. It is very important that people who will do this practice have gained expertise and experience in the field.

Our company specializes in this field and has a competent staff. We closely follow the latest developments in lighting and PRINTED STRETCH ceilings. Just imagine exactly what you want your hall to look like, which visuals and lighting you would like to see. We work professionally to provide you with the imagination of your dreams and bring you into a much more spacious and lit hall.
Customer satisfaction for our company and the customer is the first place they want. You can call us to learn about all the innovations in lighting and to learn about high-quality printing techniques and PRINTED STRETCH ceiling applications. For information about prices and STRETCH ceiling applications, you need to call us to be informed of all the options. We work to create the desired STRETCH ceiling application as soon as possible and to create a magnificent looking space.


PRINTED STRETCH ceiling models are preferred as interior decoration technique with their extraordinary structure and durability. STRETCH ceilings that fit circularly and geometric ceilings according to the need also provide a perfect fit for radio applications such as vault and dome. Thanks to its flexible structure, STRETCH ceiling applications, which provide unique ceiling for each project in its own ceiling or walls, have a wide range of models such as acoustic STRETCH ceiling digital printing STRETCH ceiling, lacquered STRETCH ceiling and transparent STRETCH ceiling. In addition, different textures such as matt STRETCH ceiling models, bright STRETCH ceiling models and PRINTED STRETCH ceiling models are being prepared according to the demands of customers.

Glowing STRETCH Ceiling Models

In order for the STRETCH ceiling application to create a window view in the ceiling, a portion of the fabric to be used in the application is made from PRINTED film to allow internal lighting. With the LED strips placed on the PRINTED film, the designs that will shine in the lightless environment are drawn and the STRETCH ceiling application is given an aesthetic appearance. Translucent STRETCH ceiling applications made of PVC or fabric are very popular. Moreover, in terms of price, the most expensive model, the translucent STRETCH ceiling models, is a classic choice in the nursery or in the interior decoration of the bedroom.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe Use of Interior Decorations. The translucent STRETCH ceiling models are not only a stylish and aesthetically pleasing component, but also a wonderful interior decoration technique that is environmentally friendly, safe and can save energy. STRETCH ceilings with heat stabilizing material can be disassembled at any time.

Our company, which is a leader in interior decoration, provides STRETCH ceiling applications to many sections of our country. STRETCH ceiling models prepared by our STRETCH ceiling team which has signed more than one successful projects are prepared from quality materials and installed in your living spaces in a short time.

Features of Translucent STRETCH Ceiling Applications

We can list the properties of translucent STRETCH ceiling applications as follows;
• The materials used in the application of the PRINTED STRETCH ceiling have a flexible structure.
• It does not deform due to its flexible structure.
• It is resistant to approximately 150 kg weight according to square meters.
• Maintains the first day appearance for a minimum of 15 years.
• It is not affected by moisture.
• Does not require any care or paint.
• Resistant to fire and heat.
• Easy installation in short time

Where is the Translucent STRETCH Ceiling Applications Used?

PRINTED STRETCH ceiling applications are now available in almost all living areas. STRETCH ceilings, which are preferred for both ceiling and wall designs, create great decorations for your living spaces with high quality and elegant fabrics. It is suitable for use in many areas such as cultural centers, wedding halls, cinema decorations, hospitals, restaurant decoration, office decoration and bedroom decoration.

Today, only technology is not developing. Together with extraordinary design ideas, the palace view is created in your living spaces. Our company, which provides superior services especially in interior decoration, has made STRETCH ceiling applications a global brand and has applied many designs to many points. Our STRETCH roofing applications, which we have prepared with flexible materials, are highly durable and do not cause shocks or impacts to break or crack. Our applications offer a healthy and hygienic appearance to every environment and area in which it is established. If you want to reflect the picture or portrait on your wall or ceiling with the STRETCH ceiling application, you can contact our corporate company to exchange ideas.


PRINTED STRETCH ceiling models are stylish and aesthetic appearance, wedding halls, hospitals, offices, hotels, conference halls and many other places preferred for use in the ceiling and wall decoration technique. Nowadays, ceilings have aesthetic appearance with synthetic or wooden profile and decoration ideas covered with plates. Back ceiling models are also the best example of this. STRETCH ceiling models, which create a stylish appearance in the space where they are used, come into shape with the r stretching of their special fabrics.

What is a STRETCH Ceiling?

It is called STRETCH ceilings by heating and stretching of aluminum profiles having different colors and textures which can enter into various formalities by heating method. The STRETCH ceiling is capable of entering into any shape. Thanks to its flexible texture, it creates a unique appearance in every project. STRETCH ceilings, which were only common in the ceiling, were used in the beginning. STRETCH ceiling to be affected by water and moisture, maintains the first day appearance for many years and never needs maintenance and cleaning. Besides being lightweight, they are not affected by heat and flames and do not deform. Lighting fixtures can be installed on the surface. It is not affected by lights. STRETCH ceiling applications made in a short time can be used in all special places and homes.

Why PRINTED STRETCH Ceiling is Preferred?

PRINTED STRETCH ceiling is the new trend ceiling decoration technique. Stretched ceiling cloths create a modern and noble look. STRETCH ceiling applications, which are highly resistant to tear and injury, are very simple to install. The reflective translucent STRETCH ceiling models of your living spaces with different reflections are quite popular in interior decoration ideas. STRETCH ceiling applications create unusual visions in a room or room decoration.

What are the uses of STRETCH Ceiling?

STRETCH ceiling models can now be seen in all locations. Wedding halls, schools, hospitals, conference rooms, restaurants, swimming pools, shopping centers and entertainment centers, hotels, art galleries, pharmacies, villas, and even has been used in the ceilings of houses. In short, the STRETCH ceiling models are suitable for use on the flat floors of all kinds of places and buildings where human life continues.

Our company, which provides service in interior decoration sector, gives a stylish appearance to all kinds of houses and houses with new generation decor materials. Especially with the STRETCH ceiling, our company provides interior decoration services with multiple options. With its wide range of models, we create a view that you cannot imagine in your spaces and homes. The STRETCH ceiling models, which are available for your use with reasonable prices, rich models, alternative colors and easy installation, can maintain its first day elegance and brightness.

What are the STRETCH Ceiling Models?

STRETCH ceiling models can be mentioned in multiple options. The STRETCH ceilings, which have different options depending on the condition and characteristics of the area they are used for, also maintain the ambient sound level and allow the light to spread evenly. STRETCH ceiling models are installed in your living areas with a single level STRETCH ceiling with 3D design STRETCH ceiling, digital printed STRETCH ceiling, lacquered STRETCH ceiling. On request, animal figures can be applied to your walls and spaces by reflecting various pictures and portraits and many more characters back to the ceiling fabrics with digital printing. Especially in the digital printed STRETCH ceiling models, besides the pleasure of the people, the models that provide the furniture and the furniture in the space are suitable.

Interior ceiling and wall decoration applications and installation, our company, STRETCH ceiling applications are made especially suitable for any environment. If you want to make your STRETCH ceiling applications to the leading company in the sector, please do not receive any offers from other companies in our corporate company without taking any information and examining the model options. Our applications are of first class quality and are made with quality materials according to European standards.


PRINTED STRETCH ceiling is a highly decorative and acoustic application, which is preferred by a very wide range of heat, heat and fire resistant. With this application made to decorate the ceiling and the walls, you can have a decoration style that is comfortable for a long time. This system, which is resistant to fire and all weather conditions, does not have the possibility of wear or deterioration in any way. There is no such situation as fire or fading of the PVC membrane building material used. This application made by heating has a special profile system. Can be applied to any size image and image. Design options are very wide and your ceilings can look whatever you want.

Where can PRINTED STRETCH Ceiling be used?PRINTED STRETCH ceiling is a decoration method suitable for almost any kind of space. You can easily implement this system in cafes, wedding halls, offices, houses, swimming pools, bathrooms and markets. A well-designed STRETCH ceiling system, which is simple to install and apply, can show your space much more elegant and original. Recently, the architectural designs STRETCH showed significant improvements in the ceiling. Barrisol systems can show all kinds of places with different lighting and LED lighting systems.

What is the Advantage of the STRETCH Ceiling?

First of all, it is important to note that the STRETCH ceilings are made of environmentally friendly materials. None of the materials used are harmful to human health. Even with this aspect they have a big plus. STRETCH ceilings, which can be cleaned and do not need to paint in time, continue to appear as new as they were for a long time. They are assembled in a short time and do not create any mess and dirt during assembly. There is no need to change the location of furniture in STRETCH ceiling applications made in homes.

It especially closes the worn floors very well, does not make extra labor cost as long as it is used. The modern look is the highlight. It has a more elegant style than the classic all styles. The STRETCH ceilings emit light around them in the most homogeneous way. STRETCH ceiling can be easily applied even in damp, humid areas. STRETCH ceilings can be made in various geometric forms. Contrary to popular belief, there are no square or rectangular STRETCH ceiling models. STRETCH roof form can be provided according to the need of the space.

What are the Printed STRETCH Ceiling Types?

There are two types of STRETCH ceiling.
• Digital printed STRETCH ceiling
• UV printed STRETCH ceiling

Digital Printing STRETCH Ceiling

The most preferred type of printed STRETCH ceiling. These STRETCH ceilings are used in almost all places. The visual diversity is quite high. As a result of the images printed on STRETCH ceiling fabrics, there is a perfect light and decoration. Customer satisfaction as a company is very important for us. We serve our customers by using the highest quality and most economical products. Printed STRETCH ceilings, our applications, the interior design of the design of the interior design of our customers, any kind of modern or classical lines they create in the computer is prepared to be produced and installed as soon as possible.

The printed STRETCH ceiling is digitally printed on the STRETCH ceiling fabric. This system, which is applied as UV printing technique, does not undergo any deformation with extremely useful, non-fading vibrant colors and high quality dyes. It is also very healthy in terms of health, bacteria does not occur during the use of any deformation does not suffer. STRETCH ceilings which are the most preferred in ceiling decorations in recent years, are used in houses, wedding and conference halls and decoration of work places. It provides an aesthetic comfort in the darkest spaces illumination with light pastel nature pictures.

UV Printing STRETCH Ceiling

STRETCH is used as a ceiling covering and is applied on STRETCH ceiling fabrics with a technique called LED UV printing technique. This technique reflects the selected aesthetic images in a very stylish way with the brightness of the LED light. STRETCH ceiling tiles, which are in the field of interior architecture, are applied by using the latest facilities of technology. It can be applied in gloss, matt, satin, lacquered, plain white or multicolour according to the requests of our customers. In the UV-printed STRETCH ceilings, the brightness of the light is extremely aesthetically compatible with the selected images. UV-printed STRETCH ceilings are manufactured using inks called eco-solvent.
The printed STRETCH ceiling is one of the most preferred ceilings in indoor decoration. He left behind other known classic ceiling tiles. The most preferred sky paintings provide an aesthetic look that transforms indoor spaces into natural environments. It is widely used in today’s shopping centers, houses, business and hotels. When you want to change the decoration of your house in your newly opened workplaces,

We can contact with you in the restorations of your existing indoor or semi-outdoor spaces, we can bring together your tastes with our technical information and create very elegant and aesthetic designs together. These designs will be produced as soon as possible and as soon as possible to complete the assembly of stylish spaces. We bring our economic and quality products to our customers.