Stretch Fabric Ceiling



Thanks to the Stretch Ceiling application, the wedding hall gives a special look to these special places. Wedding halls are very important and special places for couples to marry. People want their weddings to be held in a unique place like a dream because they will marry once in their lives. Therefore, wedding halls are the first places that come to mind. Wedding halls are both elegant, clean and showy. For this, stylish and remarkable decorating ideas such as Stretch Ceiling models are needed. Stretch Ceiling applications applied for wedding halls have become aesthetically pleasing.

Stretch Ceiling models of the wedding hall come up with multiple choices. This application which has features such as sound and lighting regulator and hygienic also gives the wedding salons a unique shine. You can give extraordinary looks to the ceilings of your wedding halls by applying the Stretch Ceiling application in many different geometric shapes. Stretch Ceiling models that you can make your wedding halls on your ceiling;
• Acoustic Stretch Ceiling
• Lake Stretch Ceiling
• Digital printed Stretch Ceiling
• Transparent Stretch Ceiling
Wedding Hall Stretch Ceiling application, providing service to our esteemed owners, extraordinary designs with extraordinary designs we can not imagine. Stretch Ceiling application and lighting systems installation of the wedding hall Our company, first-class quality products in all applications and offers a 100% guaranteed workmanship guarantee. You can create wonders in your living areas by taking the services of Stretch Ceiling from our corporate company which includes quality and reasonable price together.
 What are the features of Acoustic Stretch Ceiling Application?
 Acoustic Stretch Ceiling application, which is among the Stretch Ceiling options, provides the sound effects of the sound system and the environments where there is a lot of noise. In addition to providing an acoustic appearance, the acoustic Stretch Ceiling models, which are absorbent, encapsulate the sound energy and convert it into heat energy. The small holes in it encapsulate loud noise and noise, and turn that sound into positive energy. Acoustic Stretch Ceiling models are used with decoration as well as lighting feature. In other words, while it is a stylish decorative product, it also creates acoustic coating and different perspective. Acoustic Stretch Ceiling models, which distribute the sound in every tone and height equal to the environment, eliminate the sound echo in the area where it is used. Not all of them, and all kinds of pictures and images can be mounted on the ceiling with the way you can. In this way, your Stretch Ceiling models use different and unique designs.
Now you can equip the desired space with the shapes and visuals you desire. Our company, which is a leader in its sector, offers you both the walls and the ceilings with stylish designs by using acoustic Stretch Ceiling and other Stretch Ceiling models. Our Stretch Ceiling fabrics and profiles are suitable for both ceiling and wall. You can use our flexible fabrics and custom structured profiles in any area you desire. At the same time, Stretch Ceiling applications prepared within our company are made with high quality and first class workmanship and they are both more economical and anti-bacterial and have long life. Since our Stretch Ceiling fabrics have anti-static properties, they never keep dirt and dust.


It is very important that the wedding hall Stretch Ceiling decoration is high quality and flashy. Because people are looking at these special places by looking at the image of the interior decorations must be careful and safe. Because the appearance, lighting and even sound systems in the wedding halls are on the ceilings, these areas should look very modern and safe. Very early in the wedding salons with beautiful and flashy shapes with different decorations could be made. However, the construction of gypsum works was long and durable, so the choice was not very useful. However, it makes these spaces more modern with Stretch Ceiling applications, which are both quick to assemble and build in the wedding hall decorations and maintain their durability for many years.
Stretch Ceiling Applications…
Stretch Ceiling applications have many options. Acoustic Stretch Ceiling models are used mostly because wedding halls are noisy environment. Specially designed acoustic Stretch Ceiling models allow an even distribution of sound to the hall. This means that you do not need to use sound styrofoam or any noise-canceling devices in the space. Apart from this, in the wedding salons, Stretch Ceiling and digital printed Stretch Ceiling options can be applied.
Since lighting is very important for wedding halls, digital printed Stretch Ceiling and transparent Stretch Ceiling models will be the most suitable option. Digital printed and transparent Stretch Ceiling models, which prevent harmful rays and pass the light as part, make the place look like a palace.

Walla are very important…
The ceiling as well as the ceiling of the wedding halls should be stylish and flashy. Before the use of Stretch Ceiling is used, hall decoration is done by making various shapes and designs with plaster application on the walls of wedding halls. But the plaster application is not so useful because it is broken and cracked. At the slightest impact or impact, the cast was broken and cracked, and after a while there was a need for modification. Stretch Ceiling models that come into shape with the development of technology have been used in wall decoration in the wedding hall thanks to the fact that it is made in the walls.
 Our company, which conducts professional works on the decoration of the wedding hall, prepares the wedding hall Stretch Ceiling applications with high quality materials and offers them at affordable prices. Stretch Ceiling’s quality and useful to make this business is a very important issue. If you want to have a place decorated with professional touches by Stretch Ceiling models prepared by leading companies, you can contact our corporate company and get service from us.

What Should Be Considered When Transparent Stretch Ceiling Application To Wedding Halls?
First of all, it is important to pay attention to the LED lamps that are installed for the lighting system. The light emitted by the LED lamps should be distributed at the same rate throughout the space. If it does not distribute the light evenly to the environment, it creates shadings in the fabric and causes visually unsightly images.
A second detail is that Stretch Ceiling should distribute the voltage distribution in proportion to the transformer in order to illuminate the light well and evenly to the environment.
Our company, which has been serving for many years in interior decoration, offers stretching ceilings suitable for your wedding halls and many other special entertainment venues with the most special designs. You will be able to turn your rooms into a palace in a short time without having to close them for a long time and it will be easier with the wedding hall Stretch Ceiling applications. To get information about this, please contact our company and let us know how you want to decorate your place.


STRETCH CEILINGs are products that should be applied in public places like your home, office, workplaces, wedding halls and restaurants. STRETCH CEILING models can be selected according to your taste and you can design as a simple design whether you want color or simple. Through these options, you can make changes to your home and your environment by choosing the models that best suit your taste and reflect your taste. STRETCH CEILING cost is determined by the size of the area and color or colorless different price scales are determined. Wherever you want to do it, you can use it in the area you want by doing price research according to the region.
It is the decor product which must be used for those who are constantly bored from the same points and want to make changes in their environment. You can get a different look by making your environment more modern and more elegant. STRETCH CEILINGs are made to any point and area you want. For example, if you decide to use STRETCH CEILING in your home, you can have it in the living room or in your living room. In general, colored ceilings are used in STRETCH CEILING. It is both different in appearance and adjusted according to the appearance of the bath. STRETCH CEILING cost is also shaped according to your economic situation.
What are the features of STRETCH CEILING?
STRETCH CEILING features are very useful. These features are as follows;
• The materials used are of 1st grade. It also protects against deformations due to the flexible materials. You cannot encounter any problems such as tearing.
• There may be conditions such as humidity and the like in the current environment. It can be used easily without being affected by water and humidity problems.
• Due to the fact that it is covered by the warranty for 15 years, any maintenance or repair can be done during any problems or problems.
• If you prefer a color STRETCH CEILING model, the color STRETCH CEILING can be used easily without any fading.
• While some decorating materials require paint or extra care, STRETCH CEILING can be used easily without any paint.
• You can wipe clean with a damp cloth without having to do special cleaning.
• You can use the illuminator by creating a dim environment because the illuminators can be added.
• No tearing or deterioration due to weights. You can easily use it in any area you want.
What are STRETCH CEILING Materials?
STRETCH CEILING materials continue to be of the same quality according to the model and pattern to be made. Generally speaking, the most important point that is used and shaped as a frame is a frame system called clip and also called clouds. There are many uses such as decorative and light in these systems called clouds. Thanks to different designs and different models thanks to the connections you want to use the model you want. The clips must be compatible. You can create a more useful area by using lighting systems.
STRETCH CEILING What are the advantages of building?
The advantages of STRETCH CEILING are as follows;
• You can get a more modern and stylish image by making it open to the public places which are open to the public, especially in places like wedding hall and restaurant.
• You can create different environments in your homes with different designs if you want to be personal.
• If you want to do it inside the house can be made easily to any area you want.
• You can find the color you want with different and wide color options.
• No special maintenance allows easier and effortless use. It can be cleaned at any time thanks to being washable.
Thanks to the rapid laying, there is no modification problem. If you wish you can learn all the information about STRETCH CEILING costs and STRETCH CEILINGs from our company and you can get support.


Although STRETCH ceilings become one of the most important symbols of elegance and modernity, they are preferred by many sectors. According to the preferred rankings, most of the STRETCH ceilings are wedding halls, companies and restaurants that need to be used and without exception. The points where customers come and go should be more attentive and modern. You can make modernity the first model of your choice starting from the ceilings. If you want, you can make it more colorful by choosing a more simple model. Although STRETCH ceiling cost varies according to the model and size you have made, prices can be determined for you.
STRETCH ceilings, which have become widespread in houses, help you to be stylish in your home. As an example, when you build a STRETCH ceiling in the hall of your houses, you can create a dim atmosphere in your house and create a resting environment when you come home in the evening with the spot lights inside the roof. If you have a favorite landscape at the same time, you can relax by watching this view at any time by having this view to the ceiling. Changes in the environment such as at home, work and the like always bring about relaxation for both people and yourself. When you decide to make changes, you can make more innovations and decorate the STRETCH ceilings inside the decoration.
What are the Stretch Ceiling Features?
The STRETCH ceiling features include;
• STRETCH ceilings add a separate atmosphere to the place where it is built, allowing the environment to look more modern.
• You can easily get support in case of any problem due to the warranty coverage for 15 years.
• STRETCH ceiling materials 1. Due to the quality, wear and tear is not the case. Due to the fact that it consists of a flexible material, there are no problems such as tearing.
• Even if your environment is humid, it is not affected by moisture and water.
• No matter how much time has passed, a colored STRETCH ceiling can be used without the need for paint or special maintenance.
• Easy to install. You can remove it again at any time.
• Color STRETCH can be used easily without any fading in the color when you decide to make a ceiling.
• Very easy to clean. Can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
• STRETCH ceilings may not crack or break due to the structure of the material.
• Has an aesthetic structure.
• Each model can be made to suit your taste.
STRETCH ceiling cost is offered to you with different price options.
What are the Advantages of STRETCH Ceiling?
Although STRETCH ceilings have their own advantages, they are among the most preferred and preferred methods of decoration. It is both modern and stylish. The advantages of the STRETCH ceiling are as follows;
• Customized designs can be made at any time. What you want to have the best quality materials come together in your home or office can be made easily.
• Any color can be made due to the richness of color.
• Different models come together in matt, glossy, gold, silver, metallic and patterned shapes.
• Due to the fact that a quick laying can be done, it does not require any further modification.
• There are flooring in the STRETCH ceiling cost.
What Are Stretch Ceiling Materials Formed?
STRETCH ceiling materials consist of a flexible structure. For this reason, there are clips because of the appearance of a frame. Another name for these clips is clouds. Decorative light is mounted inside to help to obtain a different view of the environment. The fabric has pvc uw pressure and heater air gun. If you wish, you can get information about STRETCH ceiling systems and STRETCH ceiling costs.