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Features of Stretch Ceiling

The stretch ceilings are among the decorative ceilings with patterns that turn out to be the first among the types of decoration in recent times. This system, which has been in use for many years, has made many promises in the old Roman, Greek and Egyptian names. Decoration was applied to the ceilings by getting help from silk fabrics but after a certain period of time, problems began to be experienced. Because these fabrics have not fully regressed and have been seen sagging in later times, lost their brightness.

Nowadays, by taking advantage of the developing technology, take the current state; insulation, sterile, hygienic, aesthetic and elegance enhancing features has become one of the most important solutions. Thanks to its flexible structure, it has become one of the most preferred decoration types. According to the usage characteristics, it has started to be among the lighting options and decoration options. Stretched ceilings, stretching ceilings, barisol ceilings are some of them, and stretch ceilings, which are ideal ornament types that you can prefer with their environmental characteristics, are in today’s buildings with their flat, geometric and circular models. It is used in exterior facades.

You can have this product which is visually decorative, health and hygiene. By coming to our company you can examine the models offered to you with both product variety and reasonable price advantages. Our company helps you to make detailed presentation of each product so that you can choose a pattern in the form of indoor and outdoor use.

wedding hall design, wedding hall decoration, wedding hall lighting
wedding hall design, wedding hall decoration, wedding hall lighting
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The Importance And Place Of The Stretch Ceiling In Decoration

Stretch ceilings are used in decoration and are always attracting attention with different designs. Therefore, the importance of ornamentation is separate. Today, the use of stretch ceilings models, often the elegance of the fabric later brings the property. The use of long-lasting fabrics, burning, adhesion and cracking, easy-to-clean, maintenance-free, easy-to-carry and easy to install is a product that can be preferred. This system, which can protect itself for years without losing its own characteristics, assists you as a system that is appreciated and appreciated due to its diversity and vitality. It can be seen that different designs have been applied in recent times and systems that have been implemented in many places have come to our company.

You can choose our company to reach this product which you can apply in almost every place in your home, office and work place, in kitchens and anthers, mosques and schools, shopping malls.


Stretch ceiling lightings are used in ceilings or walls because of their stylish appearance and benefit during use. The stretch ceilings are decorative as well as very aesthetically functional as well as multifunctional. These applications are very good products in both appearance and use. This is why it is used in many places. The stretch ceilings with many features are also diversified with different models. In this way, suitable models are determined for each space and optional stretch ceiling is applied. The stretch ceilings are both elegant and practical, and decoratively adorns the ceiling of many spaces. Stretching ceiling models, which are very interesting as a design, are very useful in adapting to every place. Different models are equipped with a variety of these applications in particular.

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gergi tavan, gergi tavan modelleri, aydınlatma, stretch ceiling, lighting
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How Many Grain Stretch Ceiling Model is Found?

The stretch ceilings are flexible and can adapt to the area of ​​use. However, transparent, UV printing and can be preferred with models such as Lake. Transparent models are especially preferred in shopping malls. These models allow the light to spread evenly. It is very useful for both providing maximum illumination and saving energy. It can be used very well as decorative. UV printing models are made using the new generation of LED UV printing technology. Thus A quality is made of a print. UV printing models are among many innovative models.

Lake stretch ceilings are very useful applications both visually and functionally. It is very interesting thanks to its texture. This is a very aesthetically pleasing model with its glossy texture and smooth fabric. Thanks to this glossy texture, the application area becomes wider and more aesthetic. It also adds depth to the area where it is applied. Tension ceiling lightings are used in many different subjects. Stretch ceiling models are very useful because they are both elegant in appearance and useful in terms of usage.

How does stretch ceilings have a structure?

Stretch ceilings have a long-lasting structure. However, it can be used comfortably with its easily cleanable structure when it is dirty. With its durable and unbreakable structure, it has a long service life. Tensile ceiling models that are resistant to water and which are not affected by humidity are also very advantageous. They are also environmentally friendly products. Stretch ceilings made of 100 percent recyclable PVC are among the preferences of many people with this feature. Can be applied to any area. Also it can be produced according to special designs with its flexible structure.

Thus it can be shaped according to the usage area.

What are the Uses of Stretch Ceiling?

The use of stretch ceiling models is very wide. Thanks to its easy-to-fit products, it can be applied to almost any space. Used to create a comfortable and spacious image in hospitals. It is very useful with its stylish image. Decorative in houses is very aesthetic. It is also highly preferred for easy cleaning. Also available in schools. It provides a wide media view in gyms. Also suitable for cafes and similar places. In shopping centers, it is preferred for both lighting and elegance. Our company provides service for stretch ceiling lighting. You can contact with our company to get information about all stretch ceiling models and to benefit from our services.


Stretch ceiling lightings are very interesting for their decorative structure and also useful for their functional features. These applications have a wide range of applications. It also offers options with different models. It is preferred in many places both with its benefits in terms of use and with its richness in appearance. It is also very useful thanks to its application to almost all areas. Tension ceiling applications are among the first choices of those who want to create attractive areas. Because all the stretch ceiling models have an aesthetic appearance.

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What are the Features of Stretch Ceiling Lightings?

Stretch ceiling applications have many features both visually and functionally. It also shows the quality of production and the materials they produce. Stretch ceiling applications are produced with great care and care. Stretch ceiling models produced as a result of professional studies are also sensitive to the environment. All Stretch ceiling models are reversible.

Stretch ceiling lighting, which is sensitive to the environment and nature, is made of recyclable PVC material which can be re-used completely. In this way, there is no harm to nature. However, all of the stretch ceiling models are durable and suitable for long-term use. Stretching ceilings that provide aesthetically pleasing images in the area they are applied provide functional benefits.

These applications, which show the application area more spacious and spacious, are very useful products. Easy to clean and easy to use. These practical applications are easy to install and offer a comfortable use. Thanks to the illumination, the advantageous stretch ceiling models also provide ease of use with water resistant models. However, it can be used for a long time without being contaminated and damaged.

These products, which can be installed in any area, can also be applied to walls. Therefore, it can be used anywhere. With its durability, it can carry heavy loads and there are no cracking and similar problems. It is very qualified with its material, production, use and design. It is also very advantageous to be affordable with these features.

Where are stretch ceilings used?

Stretcher pan models have a wide range of applications. It can be applied to almost any space. It is used to create a spacious and comfortable environment in shopping centers. Stretching ceilings are also used in hotels to be attractive and luxurious environments. Tension ceiling lightings can be used to provide lighting and wide corridors. Stretching ceilings are also used in hospitals to have a spacious area. It can be applied to both ceilings and walls to have a stylish space in homes. Tension ceilings are applied for aesthetic and wide usage area in sports halls. Stretch ceilings can be used in these and many other places.

Stretch Ceiling Models

The products are available in different models. Transparent models with maximum lighting can be done. However, energy saving is also provided. Its use as decorative is very common. UV printing models are printed in Class A quality. New generation LED UV printing technology is used for this purpose. Lake model stretch ceilings have an attractive smooth fabric and a glossy texture. Thanks to these features, it adds depth to the places where it is applied. It also shows wider. You can always get professional support from our company which provides service about stretch ceiling applications.


Stretch ceiling panel solutions and applications are one of the interior decoration decoration applications that offer more than the aesthetic appearance brought by the modern age. Inspired by the examples of modern life, stretching ceilings made with different motifs and patterns are a non-laboring decoration technique. In addition to being easily adaptable to circular, flat and all kinds of geometric ceilings; you come across.


Where to Use Stretch Ceiling Applications

The materials used in stretch ceiling applications made by professional craftsmen are flexible materials and they are not easily deformed due to these properties. For this reason, stretch ceilings models, which have become an integral part of all projects in schools, hospitals, wedding halls, shopping malls and aesthetics and hygienic appearance, are designed with the most modern designs and presented to your living spaces.

What are the materials used in stretch ceiling?

The materials used in their construction must be complete and complete for a healthy chic and esthetic looking stretch ceiling application. Stretch ceilings made with the right projection, the right infrastructure, first class materials and professional workmanship maintain their first day vision for many years. The stretch ceiling implement a large portion held in Turkey, the use of poor quality materials, projection error information and for reasons such as lack and similar experience both in terms of security and in terms of both aesthetics, creating a negative impact in terms of health, again the cost is announcing the need for high application. The stretch ceiling materials needed for a stylish and aesthetic looking and 100% quality stretch ceiling are as follows;

  • If you are going to build a stretch ceiling with lighting system, you should build a pool with a depth of 15 to 20 cm.
  • LED and spotlights for lighting systems, cables for connecting them
  • Stretch ceilings and profiles

Profiles used in the stretch ceiling may vary depending on the project. But stretch ceiling fabric type is determined according to customer’s request.

Our firm, which makes stretch ceiling panel solutions and applications with high quality workmanship, right projection and first class material, gives you a wonderful view to your living spaces with modern stretch ceiling models. We are just a phone call away when you want to get a service or idea.

What are the Models Used in Stretch Ceiling Applications?

The stretch ceilings models, which are the combination of modern and elegance, create a striking elegance by making use of wide model options in your homes, hospitals, schools, wedding halls, conference halls, offices and hotels in many places and inner walls and ceilings.

  • Three-dimensional and digital-looking stretch ceiling applications
  • Day night or nature picture models
  • Ready-made designs, special drawings or illustration applications
  • Visual content, portrait and different table projects

Digital printed tensile ceiling models are mostly preferred in hospitals, hotels, office shopping centers, entertainment centers, wedding halls. Stretching ceiling models such as nature, forest landscape and waterfall painting are also the preferred models among kitchen countertops.

If you are looking for a company that has achieved successful projects in the sector of modern stretching ceiling models and stretch ceiling panel solutions and you are looking for a company with a good identity in the sector, you should look at the projects of our company. It is made with appropriate quality material and reflected to your spaces.

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