Stretch Ceilings for Hotels


Stretch Ceilings for Common Use Areas

Different kinds of ceilings are widely used in commonly used areas. When we talk about commonly used areas we can think of a museums’ entrance, a beautiful entrance of a restaurant and of course we can think about a hotel’s common used areas. Especially hotels’ common used areas are the perfect match for this kind of ceilings.

When you have the responsibility of places like these then you know how hard to please people that visiting it. To maximize the comfort and aesthetics you need to widen your view and look for something really amaze your visitors. Ceilings are undoubtedly are the first places people look to especially when the ceiling has the decorations above their expectations. Stretch ceiling system assures the effect you wanted to make to your visitors. You can even have a 3d view on your ceiling which guarantees your visitors to surprise.

Stretch Ceilings for Hotels and Coffee Shops

Commonly used areas like hotel halls and coffee shops basically cant have a regular ceiling. Because this kind of places should be special and have a different look from any other places like homes. Of course, you can choose to apply stretch ceiling decorations to your houses. As Belemir yapı we can easily say that one of the most applied stretch ceiling decorations are sky image kind and simple kinds of decorations to houses.

On the other hand, we said that in the hotels and common places like hotel halls or coffee shops barrisol stretch ceilings are a necessity. It doesnt chosen not only because of the decorative reasons but also the efficency. In places like hotels or swimming pools you dont have the chance the turn the light when it is not necessary, this is why you need to benefit from the budget efficency of stretch ceiling installations.

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