Stretch Ceiling Systems and Stretch Wall Examples


Stretch Ceiling Systems and Stretch Wall Examples

When you decide to renovate your environment you may look for interior design examples. When you look at interior design examples you recognize that on of the best examples are processes which be included stretch ceiling systems and stretch walls. Here in this post, we will try to give some examples of the stretch ceiling decorations. You can see this kind of ceiling applications not only Turkey but also in the other countries. Shortly everywhere. Let’s jump into to some examples.

Stretch Wall and Ceiling

Stretch ceiling system are mostly applicable to the commonly used areas. So our first example is museums. In museums to get the attention to the exhibit, you need to arrange the lighting and you need to make the ceiling and walls does not get the attention too much. This is why nearly all great museums you can stretch ceiling installation examples.

Embassies are also a very common place where you can see amazing kind of ceiling decorations. In embassies, it is possible to use stretch methods in both ceilings and the walls. Via stretch methods, it is possible to create a unique and special way of feeling inside those places. Embassies are the places where very important people be hosted inside. This is why interior design is so important for this kind of places.

Restaurants, Hotels and Spa Places

All of these places are wonderful spots for the stretch ceiling to apply. This kind of installations are essential for hotels but they are also essential for spa places. Sometimes you can see stretch ceilings on restaurants too. Especially on the walls. This installation changes the ambient of the place in a very amazing way.


In offices when you want to apply stretch ceiling installation then you can apply it to the entrance wall. Maybe you can put your logo on the wall as a wholly. Of course, to complete the walls you need to apply stretch ceiling too.

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