Stretch Ceiling Maintenance


How to Maintenance Your Stretch Ceiling

Sometimes it may seem hard to change your environment even if it is your house or your office or any other place. One of the main reason for that is, of course, the maintenance. When you change your environment one of the first things to know about the change should be how you make the maintenance of the new system. Also in stretch ceiling systems you need to know how you perform the maintenance.

Notes on Stretch Ceiling

Stretch ceiling is any easy to create kind of ceiling. Give or take it applied to 20 cm under the ceiling that you already have. Its’ main reason of usage is for decoration but it also helps to reduce the electric costs of the places it applied to. It is also possible to create 3d images on the ceiling with the stretch ceiling decorations. You can have general information about this kind of ceiling via searching false ceiling. There is a different kind of installation processes in different kinds of false ceiling.


We can easily say that this kind of ceiling is easy to clean types of ceiling. There are also anti-static and they do not hold the dust on their surface. While mold doesn’t grow on the surface of the ceiling, it has also the feature of allergy-free.

Even though in the leakage problems from the upper apartment of yours, stretch ceiling holds the water and doesn’t let it to damage the walls. In such cases, you can communicate with us (Belemir yapı) and our installers easily remove the water from the ceiling. They also re-install the barrisol stretch ceiling. During the first installation, we will inform you about how can you clean the ceiling and the processes that you shouldn’t perform. Stretch ceiling maintenance is very easy to perform the process.

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