Stretch Ceiling Lighting


A Glance Through Stretch Ceiling

Stretch ceiling lighting getting more and more popular every single day. In this post, we will try to give a glance through the stretch ceiling as general. Let’s begin if you are ready.

Stretch ceiling system also known as Barrisol has an extraordinary feature off when heated up it takes the shape you wanted. It is utilized in various colors and fibers via aluminum profiles. It is the general name for the techniques which takes inside the heating up processes. This kind of applications is most applicable for smooth surfaces.

Advantages of Stretch Ceiling (Lighting)

Most importantly it doesn’t got affected by water nor humidity. This is important because you don’t want your ceiling has a wave shape all of a sudden. It also doesn’t require any maintenance nor painting. It is dust free but when you wanted to clean this kind of ceilings you can do it with the maintenance equipment that has given by the stretch ceiling company. They will also tell you how to clean this kind of ceilings.

It is very suitable for lighting adjustments. You can use it as a soft lighting source by lighting it from the behind. Also, it is possible to make holes on it and put lightnings inside those holes. Stretch Ceiling Lighting for Hotels, Offices, Classroom and more.

Where to Use

You can use this kind of ceilings almost anywhere but of course, there are some popular places that stretch ceilings are used in. Those places are listed above:

–    Swimming pools

–    Turkish baths

–    Ceiling decoration of restaurants

–    Interior design of the stores (especially dressing stores)

–    Art galleries

–    Hotel lobbies and receptions

–    In hospitals

–    In wedding places

–    In movie saloon decorations

You can use stretch ceiling lighting on these places and much more. It is also possible to apply these amazing decorations to houses.

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