Stretch Ceiling Installations


Who Chooses Stretch Ceiling Installations?

Short answer: who wants aesthetical view inside their houses, hotels and other places, the choose this kind of installations. Stretch ceiling installations is an easy kind of installation yet aesthetically changes the environment strikingly in an amazing way. It is made with ceiling panels. Those panels stretching up during the process. This is why it is called stretch ceiling. With this kind of installation, it is possible to create the 3d view on the ceiling. When you check out the pictures you can easily see how amazing can be some 3d installations when they utilize professionally.

As for speaking of professionalism, there are great companies in Turkey which you can choose to work with. In Turkey, the stretch ceiling is both cheap compared to other countries and utilizing professionally. For example in Belemir yapı, you choose from a lot of different implementations.  Belemir yapı presents different kinds of implementations of stretch ceiling works for offices, hotels’ waiting rooms and halls, swimming pool complexes, It is also possible to use this kind of ceilings in bathrooms and other rooms of houses.

Where to Choose Stretch Ceiling Installations?

As briefly we discussed above, stretch ceilings models are suitable for almost any kind of buildings. For example, in a hotel hall, you want to amaze your visitors with a beautiful ceiling, this way you make them feel special. In public places, this kind of ceilings is very favorable due to the ambient they created.

Inside the houses, it is also possible to apply stretch ceilings. You can choose to use this kind of ceilings in rooms and in bathrooms or bedrooms. Child rooms are one of the most chosen places for stretch ceilings in houses. With this kind of installation, it is possible to apply sky view or another kind of view on the ceiling.

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