Stretch Ceiling Installation on Walls


Stretch Ceiling Installation on Walls

Stretch ceiling installation(s) are applicable to the ceilings as we can understand from its’ name but it is also applicable to the walls. With this kind of decorations, you can decorate not only your ceilings but also your walls. Barrisol stretching method you can turn your walls into very impressive decorations. In this post, we will discuss what kind of applications are generally used in walls.

Stretch Ceiling Installation Method on Walls

When you search about stretch ceilings you mostly see pictures of very beautiful ceilings with impressive decorations. You can even see 3d ceilings. But you rarely see those ceilings panels are used on the walls. Even though it is rare that doesn’t mean it is not beautiful. When stretched ceiling methods are used on the walls you have an incredible and unique environment. When you check some photos of the walls made with this kind of process, you can easily see what we are talking about.

How Does the Technique Works

Like in the ceilings, Barrisol sheets can applicable to the walls. After experts of Belemir yapı come to the place where the technique is going to be applied, they apply the aluminum structures to the walls with lighting led systems underneath the stretched walls.

That kind of walls is also used in personalized spaces like homes or villas. It is also very efficient in sound and acoustic improvements. This is why this kind of systems are used in music related places or hotels.

Other Usage Places

You can see stretch ceilings are widely used in showrooms too. Due to it is easy to relocate in showrooms they are widely selected. Shops and restaurants are some other places for this kind of installations. You can also show your visitors where to go with this kind of installations.

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