Stretch Ceiling as Interior Design


5 Reasons to Change Your Ceiling With Stretch Ceilings

Have you heard of the stretch ceiling before? Maybe yes maybe no. But maybe you have heard of false ceiling. Stretch ceiling is a form of false ceiling and this kind of ceiling is made in Turkey also. In Turkey, stretch ceiling is one of the well performed interior design processes. And every new day another hotel, office or homeowner apply to Belemir yapı for changing their ceilings with this amazing kind of interior design: stretch ceiling. Now we will give you 5 important reasons for changing your ceiling with this amazing kind of ceiling.

1)    Design that makes everyone feel comfort

False ceilings are mostly used for better design. But of course it is not the only advantage it offers. But we can easily say that the design is the main reason. You can have very authentic and special kind of looking in your place with stretch ceiling system.

2)    Efficient in a beautiful way

When you add efficiency on top of this kind of very beautiful installation than you have something irreplaceable. With any kind of stretch ceiling models you have more energy efficient environment.

3)    It is also safe

When you decide to add a new level of ceiling to top of your head. You start to concern about disaster like fire or water leakage. Don’t worry it is both non-flammable and water proof. It holds the water coming from the up above.

4)    Easy to construct

The process of constructing stretch ceilings is very easy. You don’t even move your furniture from the place. There will be any mess related to interior design.

5)    Hot in the Winter, Cold in the Summer

When we ask about thermal insulation to Turkey stretch ceiling firms like Belemir yapı, we get this answer: holds the heat so it makes the environment hotter in the winter, but colder in the summer months.

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