Stretch Ceiling

Stretch Ceiling, 3d Stretch ceiling, Modern Stretch Ceiling, Stretch ceiling Fabric, Barrisol Ceiling, Spanndecken, Elasticni Plafoni

Stretch Ceiling

It is a stretch ceiling work and decorative lighting model which is mentioned with various names such as stretch ceiling. Usually used in ceiling decoration, these products do not easily deform and are extremely durable. It is made with imported fabrics which can be printed on stretch ceiling models. Stretch ceiling systems have an interesting structure. Stretched ceilings can be heated to the desired form. It is the technique of heating and stretching to aluminum profiles specially in many different colors and textures. It may be in circular, flat forms or in geometric forms with gark. It also allows for radiused applications such as domes and vaults. This flexibility gives it unique, original design possibilities for different projects.

Stretch Ceiling System

The Stretch ceiling system can penetrate not only on ceilings but also on walls and decorative places. It is not easily affected by water and moisture. It also does not require maintenance and painting. Easy to clean. Easily mounted on lighting fixtures, etc. things can be put. It can be used in different functions in the form of soft light source with backlighting. It is produced from extremely light and high quality material. Approximately 200 gr / m², although it changes approximately in each model and print. Does not ignite during a fire. Hygienic for easy cleaning. It is flexible and aesthetic. There is no interference from ultraviolet (X-rays). It can be easily assembled. Extras can be printed on the picture. Easily cracking, separating and so on. does not cause problems. In addition, in case of moving, etc. can be dismantled and assembled repeatedly.

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Stretch Ceiling, 3d Stretch ceiling

What is a stretch ceiling?

These are the special design applications that are formed by the special application of heat-stretched profiles made of aluminum which are specially produced in various colors and textures. In addition to circular, flat, geometric forms, the dome vault can also be used for radiused applications. Thanks to its flexibility, it offers unique design possibilities in almost every project. Stretch ceiling systems can be used in almost any area, not only in the ceiling area. It is assembled with aluminum profile and its raw material is produced from the medrans. It is suitable for use in a variety of areas such as offices, flats, flats, entrances, shopping malls.

Stretch Ceiling Mounting

It can be assembled in as short a day. Thanks to its anti-static structure, it does not hold dust easily. It is also possible to clean easily with a damp cloth. In addition, there is no need for ceiling paint in the region. Easily waterproof. In this way, stretch ceiling models do not require ceiling paint in many years and maintenance costs are lower and cost-effective. Practical for easy dismantling and regeneration. Its waterproofness makes it ideal for many years of form degradation.

Stretch Ceiling, 3d Stretch ceiling, Modern Stretch Ceiling, Stretch ceiling Fabric, Barrisol Ceiling, Spanndecken, Elasticni Plafoni
Stretch Ceiling, 3d Stretch ceiling, Modern Stretch Ceiling

Stretch Ceiling Types

The Stretch ceiling allows customers to easily change. It can be used in digital printing, lacquer, transparent and 3D forms in terms of color and shape. It also personalizes the environment. Helps maintain light balance in dim or dark environments. Generally, the warranty period of 10-15 years to vary from company to company makes this system more useful. Non-flammable and non-flammable, almost no toxic substances or harmful substances, 100% recyclable stretch ceiling models do not show any signs of aging, aging. Due to its moisture resistance, there is no leakage or condensation.

General Features of Stretch Ceiling Application

+UV picture prints can be made on the stretch ceiling application.
+Stretch ceiling applications do not cause any problems such as cracking or separation.
+Stretch ceiling models can be used in many different ways for decorative purposes.
+Stretch ceilings can be re-installed and installed as required.
+The materials used in stretch ceiling models are produced from structurally flexible materials.
+The structural flexibility of the stretched ceiling materials makes it more resistant to various deformations.
+Stretched ceilings can withstand up to 150 kilograms per square meter.
+Stretched ceiling models are tear-free and do not distort due to any weights that can be placed on them.
+There is no color fading in the stretch ceiling models.
+Stretched ceiling models are guaranteed for approximately 10-15 years.
+Stretched ceiling models are in no way affected by water and moisture.
+Stretched ceiling models are not subject to any cracks in the material due to shaking.
+Stretched ceiling models often have various national or international certificates, such as the European B1 flame retardant certificate.

Other Features

+Stretched wall models do not require any extra maintenance and painting
+Stretched ceiling models can be easily cleaned.
+Stretched ceiling models can be fitted with built-in and lighting fixtures.
+Lighting on stretch ceiling models can be done. In this way, it can be +used as a soft light source thanks to the apparatus placed on them.
+stretch ceiling models are lightweight. It is around 200 gr / m².
+Most stretch ceiling models have certificates such as European S1, M1 documents and are not easily flammable in fire.
+Stretched ceiling models are hygienic thanks to their materials.
+Stretched ceiling models are aesthetic in design.
+Stretched ceiling models are not affected by ultraviolet rays.
+Stretched ceiling models can be assembled and installed in a short time and easily.
+stretch ceiling models can be designed easily according to the customer’s request. Since it can enter any form, it provides the designer with the opportunity to design freely.
+All kinds of images can be used thanks to digital printing systems. +Companies can even build 3D stretch ceilings according to customer requirements.

Where Can Tension Ceilings Be Used?

Stretch ceiling models can be used anywhere you can imagine. Cultural centers, conference halls, wedding halls, restaurants, cinema decoration saunas and baths, swimming pools, shops, interior decoration, art galleries, exhibition stands, hotel lobbies, receptions, hospitals, residential ceilings, villas etc. It is possible to sort.

Can stretch ceilings carry acoustic properties?

stretch ceiling models have become very popular especially with the developing technology. Most customers now choose this kind of products in order to make a difference in their aesthetic appearance at home, at work and in public spaces. stretch ceiling models also have acoustic sound absorption. This feature of stretch ceilings has become a more attractive and attractive option for those seeking silence and tranquility, such as libraries, offices and apartments. When we talk about the acoustic mechanisms of the stretch ceiling, the sound waves passing through the small invisible holes in the stretch ceiling mechanisms turn into heat waves. It also provides energy saving and heat insulation for turning into positive energy forms other than acoustics. Of course, the type and quality of the material used is also important. Many studios, offices, such as work places, especially because of these features, the stretch ceiling has been preferred more often. Stretched ceiling models that provide comfort, aesthetics and energy conversion together should be preferred.

Stretch Ceiling, 3d Stretch ceiling, Modern Stretch Ceiling, Stretch ceiling Fabric, Barrisol Ceiling, Spanndecken, Elasticni Plafoni
stretch ceiling 3d

Exactly How Does the Stretch Ceiling Lighting Mechanism Work?

Stretch ceiling models in recent years thanks to this feature for decoration and lighting purposes, many people prefer. You can also opt for stretch ceiling models to cover especially damaged ceiling areas or to give your home a different decorative look. Although there are many models of stretch ceilings, the most preferred models are ceiling-lit models. Mounted with ceiling lighting. This makes for a stylish look. For illuminated stretch ceiling models, LED lights must first be determined. After selecting qualitative and quantitative properties such as number and property, products that can provide constant voltage of the power supply must be selected. This is actually important and risky. In order to avoid any problems, do not interrupt the company that makes the illuminated stretch ceiling. The average energy consumption per square meter is around 5-6 Watts.

How to use stretch Ceiling Wall Systems?

With the use of stretch ceiling models, their usage with wall systems has increased. Most customers are no longer content to beautify their ceilings but prefer to beautify their walls. Moreover, a large number of expert and reliable brands can offer customers unlimited choices and designs in this respect. In this case, it offers the opportunity to capture the aesthetics in the comfort of home and office. In addition, these systems can be applied very quickly. Their economic characteristics make it more preferable. At this point, the stretch ceiling wall models can easily apply the decorative areas of the customer’s dream and head to the desired location. They are maintenance-free, long-lasting, hygienic and elegant.

Can Stretch Ceiling Systems Provide Heat And Sound Insulation?

The most important features of the stretch ceilings are beautiful and aesthetic views. However, besides being beautiful and aesthetic, they also have heat and insulation properties. Stretched ceiling models also have positive effects in terms of energy conversion, heat and sound insulation. Sound waves entering through invisible small holes on the stretched ceiling models collect in these holes and transform themselves into heat energy. In this way, heat insulation and sound insulation is provided. The thermal and sound insulation properties of stretch ceilings are particularly important for offices, studios, large apartments. Customers who are familiar with these features may prefer to have their Stretch ceiling systems installed at home and at work. Apart from the aesthetic and different appearance, the heat and sound insulation benefit makes the stretched ceiling models more preferable.

Stretch Ceiling, 3d Stretch ceiling, Modern Stretch Ceiling, Stretch ceiling Fabric, Barrisol Ceiling, Spanndecken, Elasticni Plafoni
Stretch ceiling Fabric, Barrisol Ceiling, Spanndecken, Elasticni Plafoni

What is the mounting time of the Stretch ceiling?

Stretched ceiling models have become more and more preferred in home life especially for its decorative and aesthetic appearance in recent years. Many potential customers have even begun to search for models and brands on the market. Installation time is confusing for potential customers. Reliable and competent companies keep this time shorter than expected and make installation time no problem for you potential customers. After the position, dimensioning and design of the stretched ceiling, it is the assembly stage. In a very short time, clean and effortless installation in your home or work place is realized. Of course, the assembly stage depends on the number of different spaces, size and number of technical team and experience.

How Long is Stretch Ceiling Models?

Heat and sound insulation, aesthetics and different appearance, such as provides a large number of customers. However, it is difficult to say a clear figure for the life of the stretch ceilings. How durable it is is a separate question mark. Although the companies give a long period of 10-15 years, the life of the stretch ceilings starts from an average of 20 years. In other words, almost all Stretch ceiling models exceed the use of the promised warranty period. However, there are also issues that the customer should pay attention to during use. Nothing happens unless it is forced by a sharp object, especially if it is not pierced. However, as long as the customer is not bored and changed from the design, there is no problem.

How to Clean Stretch Ceiling Models?

Stretch ceilings are quite simple to clean. Because taut ceiling models do not have any stain retention. They are not easily polluted. In the case of ordinary or unusual contamination, cleaning with a soft, damp cloth is possible. However, when you use this cloth for cleaning purposes, you should not put too much pressure on it, you can remove stains on the back ceiling with soft movements. There will be no stains and marks when you do this correctly.


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