Home Ceiling Decoration

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Our home is where at least half of our lives pass. For this reason it is very important that our home is a beautiful view and that it is a beautiful decoration. Because a house we always want to throw out of us will always make us unhappy. House decorating ceiling, which adds beauty to our home, is parquet and doors. But especially the ceiling decoration is an influence that changes the overall appearance of the house.


The decoration of the house ceiling can be decorated with paper-mâchés for houses built with a simple sand plaster. This decoration method can also be used for houses made with satin plaster in the same way.

But if you want a more beautiful house ceiling decoration, you can try the stretch ceiling decoration made with drywall. You can apply the pool system to the ceiling of your house with different stretch ceiling models and you can get a totally different appearance by putting the led lights into this pool and by having the spotlights on the bottom of the pool.

Recently, crystal spot models have become very popular in spot lighting systems. If you want we can use crystal spots as a spot model and can provide light scattering around.

If you are on the top floor and your house has a roof and you are going to make a stretch ceiling with a gypsum board under this roof, then you can put the crystal LED in the middle parts instead of putting the chandelier in a plain and quite luxurious hall ceiling decoration.

Stretch Ceiling Systems


Stretch ceilings and paper-mâchés are quite beautiful decorations for our home to beautify, but they are cleaner and the ceiling systems are more luxurious for our home. Translucent stretch ceiling, printed stretch ceiling, especiall

y when we use it for our home, you can have a brilliant ceiling decoration. Because translucent and printed ceiling can put LED lighting on the inside of stretch ceilings and you can also use it to illuminate stretch ceilings. In addition, you can create a look that you like on the wall of the house on the ceiling of your house by making the depression of the desired stretch. Especially in the ceiling decorations, blue sky and cloud paintings and many flower patterns can be used to create a stylish and spacious home environment.

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