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What is False Ceiling?

When you want the more aesthetical view on your ceiling, there are few options you can apply and a false ceiling is a general name for this kind of processes. Stretched ceilings are one form of the false applications. And this kind of applications can be thought as a second layer underneath your ceiling. So why do you want a second layer underneath your ceiling? What are the advantages of ceiling decorations?

Why False Ceiling?

In the previous sentence, we asked ourselves the advantages of ceiling decorations. Most important advantage of this kind of ceilings is they change the decoration of the environment drastically. False ceiling applications can be made from metal or wooden frames. While it separates the original ceiling and the second panel, lets you create a beautiful second ceiling which has both a modern look and energy efficient environment.

But ceiling decorations are not limited to this properties. It also keeps your rooms cooler than before the summer months and warmer than the winter months. You can keep away from your sight old rusty cables and air ventilations via stretch ceiling installations.

Different Kinds of Materials in False Ceilings

In this section let us give some general information about false ceilings than we will talk about what kind of materials are used in ceilings.

  • In false ceiling applications, it is possible to use different kinds of materials.
  • In general 20 cm is enough to place the false ceiling.
  • In an application of false ceiling, it is possible to use PVC sheets, Gypsum boards, Plaster or Plywood.

All these kinds have different properties against each other. You can ask us for price  Belemir yapı (Turkey stretch ceiling expert)

While plaster ceilings are compatible with different kind of lightings, Gypsum ceilings are light and fire resistant systems and PVC ceilings are water resistant.

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