Fair Decoration, Lighting, Stretch Ceiling

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Fair Decoration, Lighting, Stretch Ceiling

It is very important to follow the innovations in fair decoration. These areas, which are open to many visitors, should appeal to the eyes with their visuality and have an impressive atmosphere. It can be used in fair decoration by choosing quality and stylish designs. A decorative look can be achieved with stretch ceilings.

The decoration of the fair area can be completed by working with a company that has quality products for lighting and stretch ceilings. Lighting needs to be taken especially seriously. Because it is the lighting that will show the fair area.

Thanks to the stretch ceiling, the installation materials on the ceiling are hidden. Thus, instead of a striking installation image on the ceiling, it becomes a stylish stretch ceiling image. Today, how much an area stands out with its visuality is more important than before. Therefore, it is possible to present a visual feast at fairs with stretch ceiling and lighting systems. my youtube

lighting-bax-textil-box-stretch-ceiling-barrisol-barisol-lighting-spanndecken-elasticni-plafoni-3d-decor-decoration-gergi-tavan fuar dekorasyonu, fuar aydınlatması, fuar gergi tavan, fuar standı, fuar stretch ceiling, fuar barrisol, lighting
fuar dekorasyonu, fuar aydınlatması, fuar gergi tavan, fuar standı, fuar stretch ceiling, fuar barrisol, lighting

The Importance of Fair Decoration

The purpose of the fair area is to introduce the products or technologies exhibited to the visitors. There are many fair and congress centers in Istanbul, which has a high market share. Visuality is of great importance in fairgrounds that open their doors to visitors. For this reason, the decoration of the fair should be done professionally.

There are stands in the fairgrounds and there are openings where visitors can walk. It would be best to handle the fair as a whole, from the floor carpets to the stand designs, from the entrance decorations to the ceiling look. The fact that visitors also appeal to the eye taste is a plus for that fairground.
These areas, which were established to exhibit products and technologies, should also attract attention with their decorative appearance. The fair area decoration can be completed with details such as appropriate lighting, stretch ceiling systems and modern lines in stand designs. 3D натяжные потолки

Fair Decoration, الاسقف الفرنسية للديكورات

What are the Advantages of Fair Design?

The fact that a fairground is welcomed by its visitors will positively reflect the number of visitors of that fair. The decoration of the exhibition areas is of course also of great importance. One should not think of a fairground as just stands. It should be handled completely and modern designs and nice designs should be included.

1-The most important advantage of designing the fairground is the visualization of the fair as a whole.
2-If the stand designs are of interest to visitors, it increases the effectiveness of the fair.
3-Working with a professional team in the field of design allows choosing the right products.
4-Using useful, practical and long-lasting products in the exhibition area provides a great advantage in the long term.

What are the Decoration Products Used in Fair Areas?

Different decoration ideas can be produced for the exhibition areas used to display the products of different sectors. Generally, products are displayed in the form of stands. However, in agricultural fairs, empty spaces must be created in order to exhibit large agricultural equipment. Or in car fairs, the system does not walk over the stands. In such special cases, different types of fair decoration are needed.

However, in general, a fair decoration walking on the stands will dominate. The stands are usually covered with carpet. The entrance of the fair area can be decorated and become more attractive. A decoration idea that has influenced people since the entrance will be one of the positive features of the fair.

One of the most beautiful decoration products that enrich the fair area is stretch ceilings. Thanks to the stretch ceilings produced with different designs, the decoration of the fairgrounds is completed. The practicality and ease of use of stretch ceilings are unique features for fairgrounds.

It is unthinkable to complete the fair decoration without the lighting system. With special lighting systems, fairgrounds can be made much more attractive. Thanks to the lighting systems to be placed on the back ceilings, the lighting problem is solved very economically. FAİR DESİNG, LİGHTİN

3d fuar dekorasyonu, fuar aydınlatması, fuar gergi tavan, fuar standı, fuar stretch ceiling, fuar barrisol, lighting 
What are the Decoration Products Used in Fair Areas? 3d fuar dekorasyonu, fuar aydınlatması, fuar gergi tavan, fuar standı, fuar stretch ceiling, fuar barrisol, lighting, الاسقف الفرنسية للديكورات

Advantages of Stretch Ceilings Used in Fair Areas

Fair grounds have a wide measurement. They have constant visitors during the day and are constantly active places. Decoration of a fairground should be done meticulously. More accurate steps can be taken in decoration by getting help from companies that are experts in this field.

Stretch ceilings used in fair areas have many advantages. These advantages can be listed as follows:

Stretch ceilings used in fair areas have many advantages. These advantages can be listed as follows:

1- One of the most important features of the stretch ceiling is that it provides acoustics. Due to the crowd of the fairground, it is highly probable that the sounds are mixed and there is a very stifling noise. However, thanks to the acoustics provided by the stretch ceilings, the disturbing effect of the sounds is eliminated.

2- Besides acoustics, it also has the feature of providing sound insulation. The sound insulation feature of the stretch ceilings is also one of the advantages it provides to the fair area in addition to the visual.

3- Stretch ceilings also contribute to the thermal insulation of the fairground. It will be difficult to maintain the temperature of such places, which have a fairly large surface area. This problem can be prevented by the thermal insulation provided by the stretch ceiling.

4- The installation of stretch ceilings is extremely easy and effortless. It can be installed practically within a few hours without requiring a preliminary preparation process in the field.

5- One of the most important advantages is that the stretch ceiling does not require any maintenance. Using it for a long time without any maintenance is an easy feature for the fairgrounds.

6- Stretch ceilings are also indispensable in the exhibition areas visually besides their advantages. Many installation materials can be found on the ceiling. The Stretchs is the ceiling, which will ensure that items such as cables and pipes are not visible. Visuality is also extremely important for fairgrounds that host many visitors every day.

Stretch Ceilings that can be used in Istanbul Fairgrounds

In a big city like Istanbul, fairgrounds have a very important place. As it is the most important trade and industrial center of our country, it has become a city that closely follows technology. Tüyap Istanbul International Exhibition and Convention Center, located in Beylikdüzü and Turkey’s largest exhibition and convention center that bears the feature.

Other fair areas of Istanbul can be listed as CNR Expo Istanbul, Feshane International Fair and Congress Palace, Grand Cevahir Fair and Congress Center, Istanbul Expo Center, Lütfü Kırdar Rumeli Fair and Exhibition Hall, WOW Convetion Center.

In all these fair areas, we can contribute to the decoration of the fairground by using a stretch ceiling. Stretch ceilings that can be produced in accordance with all fair areas are preferred due to their practicality, color options, decorative stance and maintenance-free reasons. الاسقف الفرنسية للديكورات

3d fair decoration, fair lighting, fair stretch ceiling, fair stand, fair stretch ceiling, fair barrisol
fair decoration, fair lighting, fair stretch ceiling, fair stand, fair stretch ceiling, fair barrisol الاسقف الفرنسية للديكورات

Why should stretch ceilings be preferred in Istanbul Fairgrounds?

The stretch ceiling is very easy to install. Although it is installed quickly, it is durable enough to be used for years. It can be used only for decorative purposes or for lighting purposes. These ceiling systems are very durable, their shape does not deteriorate easily.

Stretch ceilings are very suitable decoration products for fairgrounds due to the advantage of being disassembled and reassembled. It is possible to remove and re-install the stretch ceiling model in certain periods. This feature provides a great advantage for places where different products are constantly displayed, such as fairgrounds.

Thanks to its non-flammable feature, it also contributes to the security of the fairground. Its color does not fade, it keeps alive for long periods of time. Thanks to the back ceilings produced in different designs, the fair area will have a much more beautiful and pleasant appearance.

They are highly preferred products thanks to their many positive features such as being resistant to moisture and being cleaned. It has a lifetime of at least 10 years, and in some cases up to 20 years. It is a great advantage that a product installed within a few hours can be used for years to come. Stretch ceilings may also be preferred outside the fair grounds due to their positive aspects. CONTANC

barrisol, gergi tavan, fuar dekorasyonu, fuar aydınlatması, fuar standı
fuar dekorasyonu, fuar aydınlatması, fuar standı, натяжные потолки

In which environments can stretch ceiling and lighting be used?

The most important usage areas of back ceilings and lighting are fairs and congress centers. There are many different fairgrounds and congress centers in Istanbul. Stretch ceiling designs can be made in sizes suitable for all. Large areas such as Istanbul New Airport are also suitable areas for stretch ceilings and lighting.

The usage areas of the back ceiling and lighting system outside the fairgrounds and airports are quite diverse. Culture and art venues that host visitors such as museums, cinemas and cultural centers can be transformed into a stylish look with stretch ceilings.

It is also possible to install a stretch ceiling for many different places such as bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels. Stretch ceilings are colored with prints to be made for each environment. In this way, with the unlimited design varieties, stretch ceiling production suitable for every environment is provided. Stretch ceilings in humid environments such as sauna, bathroom, Turkish bath, pool can be preferred thanks to its moisture resistant feature.

In this way, stretch ceiling and lighting systems can be used in homes and workplaces besides public places. Stretch ceilings, which will be designed to suit the taste of the people, also provide a nice view to the houses. Stretch ceiling lighting is a very economical lighting system. It is an advantage of the stretch ceiling lighting system in terms of health, evenly lighting the entire environment without tiring the eye.

Stretch Ceiling and Lighting System, Istanbul New Airport

Stretch ceilings, which allow a very suitable lighting system for large areas, are very suitable for structures such as Istanbul New Airport. Lighting of the environment can be provided with LED lights to be used on the stretch ceiling. One of the most important advantages of lighting systems created with stretch ceilings is that they can be designed on demand.

In such an illuminated environment, there will be no problem such as glare. Thanks to its ability to distribute light evenly, the eyes of those in that environment will not be disturbed. When used in large areas such as Istanbul Airport and various exhibition centers in Istanbul, lighting systems created with a stretch ceiling have a life span of up to 20 years.

textil box,lighting box

Things to consider about the lighting system are:

1- The structure of the stretch ceiling system is flexible. It adapts to the conditions of the desired environment. The lighting system has the same feature.
2- Led light is used in the stretch ceiling lighting system.
3- The voltages required for the LED lights are 12 Volts, 24 Volts and 48 Volts.

4- In stretch ceiling lighting systems, Led light is used and this light is another type of light source that gives constant voltage, another point to be considered.
5- The important thing for the Led light system to show uniform distribution is the top level of the main line is 100 W. If the main line needs to exceed 100 W, a second line will need to be laid. Thus, an effective diffusing Led light system is installed.


What are the Usage Areas of Stretch Ceilings?

In fact, any environment is suitable for stretch ceilings. It can be used in homes, offices, shopping malls, airports, fair and congress centers. Thanks to this system that will contribute to decoration, illumination of the environment can also be provided.

Conference rooms and fairgrounds are very large areas and may be difficult to decorate. The necessity of producing practical solutions has emerged for these areas that are in trouble of installation, cleaning and maintenance. The installation of stretch ceilings is extremely practical. Even in the largest areas, its installation can be completed in just a few hours.

Due to their flexible structure, these systems can adapt to different environments. Color and pattern can be decided according to the nature of the environment. Thanks to the stretch ceilings that draw attention with their designs, the atmosphere of that environment can change suddenly. CONTACK MY GSM,WHATSPP,TELEGRAM: +90 538 237 77 72

With the stretch ceiling system, the lighting problem is solved. It is used for many years without any damage due to its not being affected by water and moisture. Its color continues to maintain its vitality on the first day. These back ceiling systems, which are installed very quickly and easily, can be used for many years by preserving their first day look.

Different Stretch Ceiling Models and Colors

One of the most important features of stretch ceilings is that they can be designed in the desired color and pattern. In addition to its stylish stance, it can be preferred in all fair areas in Istanbul thanks to the possibility of installing the lighting system. It can be given a modern atmosphere with digital prints or it can be designed in plain color.

Stretch ceilings have become a must for large areas. Ceilings through which different installation cables and pipes pass, cause visual pollution if not closed. Visual pollution is not welcome at places such as fairgrounds, shopping malls or airports. This ugly image on the ceiling can be avoided with stretch ceiling systems.

In order for the fair area not to stand sloppy, the installation parts on the ceiling must be closed with a stretch ceiling. An air reminiscent of technology can be created in the fairground with metallic colors. Patterns containing neon colors can also be used on the stretch ceilings of fairgrounds. MY FACEBOOK

A stretch ceiling that can be matched with the style of the stands used or the color of the carpet can be preferred. Stretch ceilings with different nature patterns also add naturalness to the spaces. Stretch ceilings with nature patterns are preferred in areas such as hotels and shopping malls.

The Place of Lighting in Fair Decoration

It would not be wrong to say that the most important decoration product of the fair areas is lighting. A good lighting system is essential for the exhibits and stands to be considered. It will not be easy to illuminate such large areas equally. However, this issue can be easily solved by consulting professionals.

With Led lighting systems, fair areas can be illuminated equally. This lighting system to be placed on stretch ceilings illuminates the environment beautifully without tiring the eyes. Numerous alternatives can be produced for lighting. Widespread lighting can be made on the entire ceiling, as well as decoration of the fairground with sequential or shaped lighting.

It is necessary to install special lighting systems not only for exhibition areas, but also for large areas such as Istanbul New Airport. Moreover, since the lighting in such areas will be used for 24 hours, its durability and quality structure allows it to be used longer. MY VK.COM

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Fair Area Decoration Ideas

Fair areas are places where professional assistance is required in decoration. It is not possible for such large-scale organizations to be undertaken amateurs. It will be an advantageous option to benefit from today’s technology and possibilities in decoration.

Design products with modern lines are preferred in the fair areas. Metallic colors are also preferred due to the fact that it reminds the technology to its visitors. The ceiling of the fair area is one of the most important parts. If there is an unpleasant appearance on the ceiling, this will be a factor that negatively affects the entire decoration.

Installation products on the ceiling must be hidden in the fair area. For this, stretch ceilings are highly functional. It not only closes the ceiling, but also provides a stylish look. Thanks to the stretch ceilings, the lighting problem of the fair area is solved. In addition, it also has the feature of attracting more customers.

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