Fair Decoration, Fair Design, Lighting Box, Textil Box, Stretch Ceiling, Lighting

3d fair decoration, fair lighting, fair stretch ceiling, fair stand, fair stretch ceiling, fair barrisol

Fair Decoration, Fair Design, Lighting Box, Textil Box, Stretch Ceiling, Lighting

The variety of products used for decoration of the fairground is quite high. Decoration products prepared using today’s latest technology draw attention with their usefulness and durable structure.
With the materials that can be designed specifically for the fairgrounds, the decoration of that fairground becomes unique and can leave its visitors under the influence.

It is possible to use fairgrounds for many different purposes. It would be generally correct to describe it as the areas where scientific or technological products or activities are exhibited.
Considering that the fair areas are the places where many people visit, it can be understood why so much attention should be paid to its decoration.

fair decoration, fair lighting, fair stretch ceiling, fair stand, fair stretch ceiling, fair barrisol, lighting (5)
3d fair decoration, fair lighting, fair stretch ceiling, fair stand, fair stretch ceiling, fair barrisol, lighting.

Why is Fair Area Decoration Important?

Fairgrounds are places that are heavily influenced by visitors during their open days. Therefore, besides being eye-catching, the durability of the decoration products used in the fair is very important. It is an interior decoration rather than an exterior building that shows a fairground.

It is necessary to be sensitive about stands, floor, ceiling and lighting. The quality and durability of the products to be preferred in decoration are also important factors as they will prolong the usage time.

Decorating a fairground is a job that should be left to professionals.

When working in cooperation with companies specialized in fairgrounds, the product quality is at the highest level and any incompatibility is not noticeable. Since the decoration issue requires delicacy, it can be done by people who have knowledge and skills in this regard, and it enables more accurate steps to be taken.


What is Lighting Box or Light Box? What is the Usage Area in the Fair?

When we translate the concept of lighting box or light box into Turkish, we come across the word group of illuminated signs. Such decoration ideas are extremely attractive for stands that aim to attract attention. There may be a writing or a shape that wants to be displayed on a translucent surface. Thanks to the lighting, people’s attention is drawn on this sign. They are very suitable products for fair areas.

If quality products are preferred, lighting boxes make a great contribution to the fair appearance. It can be used in different parts of the fair. While it attracts people’s attention, it also enhances the decoration. The way that these products, which can be expressed as led panel or led signboard, is very interesting.


textil box,lighting box


How can Textil Box Products be used in Fairgrounds?

Textil box products made using Berger fabric are on the way to become new generation panels. One of the positive aspects of changing the visual of these panels is easily. To summarize briefly,

1-Textil box products can be easily used in the decoration of fairgrounds.
2-They are much more striking and effective products compared to the old generation signs. Thanks to its light, the visual on it can be seen in all its details.
3-When used in exhibition areas where exhibition activities are carried out, the attention of visitors is ensured.
If 4-Textil box products are obtained from reliable companies, they will be extremely high quality and functional products.
5-It gives an illuminated fabric look outside.
6-Thanks to the advanced printing options, the images are printed on the highest quality fabric. Then, thanks to the illumination of the berger fabric, the printed image is displayed in the most beautiful way.
7-UV printing reflects on the fabric in the most beautiful way. This makes a great contribution to the decoration of the fairgrounds.

Fairground Decoration with Lighting Box and Textil Box Products

While planning the decoration in the fair area, details that will satisfy the visitors visually should be included. Nowadays, people have become a constant innovation. It is absolutely not acceptable to decorate the fair areas in the old style.

In the fair areas where visitors are hosted at national and international levels, the latest trends in decoration should be followed. In the technology age we live in, no industry left behind has a chance to travel. It is necessary to constantly follow the innovations and catch the age.


Is Lighting Possible With Stretch Ceilings?

Stretch ceilings can be used only for decorative purposes or for lighting purposes. Led lighting system becomes very functional and aesthetic when placed inside the stretch ceiling. When the advantages of LED lighting are combined with the stretch ceiling, very elegant and impressive images can appear in the fair area.

Led lighting placed inside the back ceiling ensures that the entire exhibition area is evenly illuminated. The importance of lighting is very important in the fair areas where the products are exhibited. With the installation of a quality lighting system, the products displayed in the exhibition area can be seen more clearly. In addition, the feeling of spaciousness brought by the bright environment is spread throughout the fairground.

lighting-bax-textil-box-stretch-ceiling-barrisol-barisol-lighting-spanndecken-elasticni-plafoni-3d-decor-decoration-gergi-tavanfuar dekorasyonu, fuar aydınlatması, fuar gergi tavan, fuar standı, fuar stretch ceiling, fuar barrisol, lighting

How Should Fair Area Lighting Be?

1-It should be remembered that the lighting system to be used in the fair area is extremely important.
2-Lighting should not be easy on the eyes, but it should be at a level to show the products.
3-By taking expert opinions on this subject, lighting plan of the fair area can be made.
4-These environments, which are visited by thousands of people every day, should be constantly illuminated. This creates the need for the materials to be of high quality. Otherwise, cost increase may occur due to malfunctions in the system.
5-When the stretch ceilings to be made for the fair areas are evaluated as lighting system at the same time, a decorative and pleasant image is obtained.
6-Led type lighting systems placed in stretch ceilings are very suitable systems for lighting the fairground.
7-These systems can be used for many environments outside the fair area.

Trend Pieces in Fairground Decoration

High-quality and remarkable decoration products should be preferred for fair areas. People visit the fairgrounds not only to see the products but also to have a good few hours. Especially in a trade and industry center like Istanbul, fairgrounds attract great attention.

In these areas where the attention is so intense, the area can be enriched with decoration products. With the LED lighting, stretch ceiling designs, textil boxes and lighting boxes, the exhibition area is enriched visually. Thanks to these products, the fair area begins to appeal to the eye taste of its visitors. This results in the visitors leaving the fair area satisfied.

When the number of visitors is desired, remarkable products must be used in the fair area. Light boxes are very remarkable products in appearance. It can be used for all brands and products to carry out promotional activities. Thanks to its light, it draws attention and reveals all the details of the image on it.

lighting-bax-textil-box-stretch-ceiling-barrisol-barisol-lighting-spanndecken-elasticni-plafoni-3d-decor-decoration-gergi-tavan fuar dekorasyonu, fuar aydınlatması, fuar gergi tavan, fuar standı, fuar stretch ceiling, fuar barrisol, lighting
fair decoration,lighting

The Importance of Quality in Fair Area Decoration

Fairgrounds are places where many visitors enter and exit every day. The products selected in the decoration of these areas are easily damaged if they are of poor quality. This will be more costly. When starting with quality products from the beginning, there is no such thing as staying on the road.

It is a fact that quality products have a long life. Quality should always be favored not only in exterior building materials but also in interior building materials. For fairgrounds that host visitors from home and abroad, one should not give up quality. Where quality exists, a sense of trust always exists.

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