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3D Tension Ceiling

The 3D stretch ceiling is a highly decorative and acoustical application, which is preferred by a relatively large section of heat, heat and fire. With this application made to decorate the ceiling and the walls, you can have a decoration style that is comfortable for a long time. This system, which is resistant to fire and all weather conditions, does not have the possibility of wear or deterioration in any way. There is no such situation as fire or fading of the PVC membrane building material used. This application made by heating has a special profile system. Can be applied to any size image and image. Design options are very wide and your ceilings can look whatever you want.

Where can the 3D Tension Ceiling be used?

3D stretch ceiling is a decoration method that is suitable for almost any kind of space. You can easily implement this system in cafes, wedding halls, offices, houses, swimming pools, bathrooms and markets. A well-designed stretch ceiling system with simple installation and application can show your space much more elegant and original. Recently, architectural designs have made significant progress in stretch ceilings. Barrisol systems can show all kinds of places with different lighting and LED lighting systems.

3D Stretch Ceiling Applications

3D stretch ceiling is a system that allows for original designs. With this flexible and comfortable system, any kind of pictures and designs can be applied to stretch ceilings. 3D stretch ceilings do not require any maintenance once applied. It also provides water and moisture insulation and does not wear for a long time. It can give your room an eye-catching look with its lighting pendants and different lighting designs. If the lighting system is applied from the rear, it can save the lighting by distributing the light evenly to the space. Very light, hygienic and easy to clean, flexible and at the same time extremely aesthetic. When pictures or images are desired to be replaced, it is very simple to remove and reinstall. With this kind of stretch ceiling applications, you will have a more beautiful and spacious hall or space.

3D Stretch Ceilings and Light Transmittance

In 3D stretch ceiling applications, two fabrics are stretched and light transmission is used. Light permeability makes the space look much more spacious and spacious. The two fabrics together with a complete design can create a wonderful view with light transmission. Different designs and perfect ceiling designs can be made by taking advantage of the light's appearance. You can contact with our company to take advantage of such designs and to be aware of the innovations in tension ceiling. Our company has a team of experts in 3D, 5D and 7D stretch ceilings are also followed by innovations. We are sensitive and professional in working with the latest technology. You can take advantage of this kind of applications with different designs related to lighting to make your room look more elegant and original. Such a stretch ceiling design must be made with a specialist perspective. Our company, which has gained experience in both design and application, is ready to offer you extremely different and original designs. You can get information about 3D stretch ceilings and different stretch ceiling applications by phoning us. Our company which can give you all kinds of services about the elements and options that need to be considered in this regard, works with reasonable price options. You just need to make a phone call for us to ask for information.


The 3D stretch ceiling is technically applied to the ceilings by shaping the aluminum alloy profiles with the effect of heat. There are many different applications. Optionally, there are round, symmetrical applications in flat, geometric shapes. It can be applied on all kinds of ceilings as well as in other decorations. Extremely convenient, comfortable to clean, never affected by moisture and moisture, thanks to the antibacterial feature is extremely healthy. The interior can be illuminated and provides an extremely stylish peace of mind. It is extremely economical thanks to its quality and durability which can be used for many years. The paint does not require a whitewash. When wiped with a wet damp cloth, it reflects the same visual appearance as when it was first laid.

Its weight is approximately 200 gr m2 and is very light. Non-flammable, never fires in case of fire. There is no need to use an extra illumination when the interior is illuminated by LED lights from the back. It does not deformation like tearing, cracking and rupture. It will be assembled in a short time and will be used immediately. Due to the properties of the material used is extremely flexible. The flexibility is also possible in the long term. It can bear 150 kg weight, it doesn't tear and doesn't cause any deformation since it falls on it. The colors remain bright and vivid for the first day. 15 years guarantee due to the confidence in quality.

3D Stretch Ceiling In Which Places Is Applied?

  • Houses
  • Workplaces
  • Conference rooms
  • Large halls of cultural centers
  • Cinema
  • Wedding halls
  • Restaurant on
  • baths
  • Saunas
  • Gyms and swimming pools
  • Store decorations
  • Hotel lobbies

How to Make Stretch Ceiling and 3D Stretch Ceiling Features

The area to be applied to the stretch ceiling, zinc and steel alloy containing galvanized part of the area to be applied to the area to be applied to a substance called galvanized. These panels are made of aluminum foil with a stretch ceiling profile and the assembly is completed. The area where the stretch ceiling will be applied is cleaned and painted. While the tension ceiling is being applied, the entire connection of the lower part and the upper part is cut using aluminum foil tapes. The material used in the stretch ceiling application, called the membrane material is inserted into the frames of the profiles with the help of spatulas. The other flexible portions are stretched to the profile frame by stretching. After this stage, the assembly is completed.

A distance of 15 cm shall be maintained between the area to be stretched and the area where the LED lighting is to be made. The voltage of the LED lighting is adjusted according to the 3D tension ceiling model. Led lighting lights are placed at a maximum distance of 5 meters between them. In order to be equal to the led lighting used, the woltage must be the same in all of them. The use of other alternatives instead of LED lighting gives healthier results if the humidity in the region where 3D stretch ceiling is to be 60% and above. In these cases, LED lighting should not be used.


3d stretch ceiling, the application is done by a technique called wicking. By applying two roving tension ceiling fabrics to a roving, the permeability of light is obtained from this fabric. The upper part of the light is stretched from the ceiling to the ceiling using a dark stretched ceiling. A combination of two fabrics is created to create a spectacular visualization.

The stretch ceilings and 3d stretch ceilings created using technological developments reflect the aesthetic view of today. Our company serves customers with high quality and economic products in the tension market with new designs by paying attention to customer demands and priorities. You can get information about the stretch ceiling and 3d stretch ceiling products, models and assembly. With the technical knowledge of our interior architects in accordance with our customers' choices, we make the area you live in aesthetic. We are always in the service of our customers with our price and quality products and services. Our priority principle is the satisfaction of our customers.

It especially closes the worn floors very well, does not make extra labor cost as long as it is used. The modern look is the highlight. It has a more elegant style than the classic all styles. Tension ceilings spread light around them in the most homogeneous way. Tension ceilings can be easily applied even in damp, damp areas. Tension ceilings can be made in various geometric forms. Contrary to what is suspected, there are only square or rectangular stretch ceiling models.

Depending on the needs of the space can be provided a stretch ceiling form.

Where are stretch ceilings used?

Most preferred is the type of printed stretch ceiling. These stretch ceilings are used in almost all places. The visual diversity is quite high. As a result of the images printed on the stretch ceiling fabrics, there is a perfect light and decoration. Customer satisfaction as a company is very important for us. We serve our customers by using the highest quality and most economical products. Printed stretch ceilings, our applications, the interior design of the design of the interior designers of our customers, they are created in the computer by applying any kind of modern or classic lines are prepared and installed as soon as possible.