FAQ About Stretch Ceiling


Frequently Asked Questions About Stretch Ceilings

When you are considering to have a stretch ceiling installation, it is possible of questions pop-up in your mind. There are lots of questions coming to us, – Belemir yapı – every time we are about to have a ceiling deal. This is why we decided to answer all the questions that you are asking in general here. Some answers we give are brief but some of them are longer than others.

Barrisol Ceiling Installations

Question: How long does installation take?

Answer: The installation process depends mostly on the size of the ceiling. Shape and complexity of the stretch ceiling are also has a part in the process. But we can say it takes give or take between half of a day and one day.

Question: Is barrisol stretch ceiling cleanable?

Answer: You don’t need to clean it because it is anti-static which means that it doesn’t hold the dust on it. But if it is stained than we give yo the cleaning product you may use on it.

Question: Is it possible to use barrisol stretch ceiling system on a Wall.

Answer: Yes it is possible to use it on a wall also.

Question: Is is recyclable?

Answer: Stretch ceiling systems are recyclable this is why it is %100 environment friendly.

Question: Are stretch ceilings resistant to water?

Answer: They are resistant to water leakage yet it has a limit but this limit is 150 kg in total. Under the pressure of the water it changes its shape but after the removal of water, it takes back the shape it had before.

Barrisol Ceiling Installations

Question: How does the installation process work?

Answer: In Turkey stretch ceiling processes are done by approved professional installers. It is installed a couple of centimeters underneath the ceiling you already have. You can have the stretched ceiling minimum in 2.5 centimeters.

Barrisol Ceiling Installations

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