3D Ceiling Decorations


How to Perform | Stretch Ceiling

Stretch ceiling applications are easy to construct kind of interior design applications. First of all Turkey stretch ceiling, expert Belemir yapı makes the drawings of your ceilings. If you want 3d ceiling decorations than the professionals makes the drawing of all the wanted ceilings.

Next step depends on you. Because in this step you choose the stretch ceiling material which will be applied to. Of course, Belemir yapı’s professional interior designers and experts will advise you on this matter. They will help you evaluate the benefits of all different kinds of materials advantages and disadvantages.

After the Selection of Materials

After the selection of materials that is going to be used in the stretch ceiling, next thing to do is the montage of the profiles compatible with the selected material. Then to make the profiles stable a process called heating process is used in the stretch ceiling. With the aid of heating process ceiling, panels are stretched and montages to the profiles.

Where Do We Use Stretch Ceiling

Stretch ceiling Turkey companies mostly take order for ceilings and for the side walls. If you have a niche in your ceiling or walls and you don’t like the look of this niche, then you can simply use a stretch ceiling solution to get rid of this kind of unwanted niches. You can also use stretch ceiling decorations for hiding the unwanted cables or air ventilation systems from sight.

But of course, the main reason for using stretch ceiling decorations are for decorative reasons. You can have a 3d view inside your homes, your offices or any place you want. You may know this kind of ceilings as false ceiling too. If you want a bright, relief, amazing looking under your roof then the first thing you need to do is to check the ceilings models.

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