A little bit about us: We offer an extensive range of Stretch Ceilings, Barrisol Ceiling, lighting, and ceiling panel solutions with a new technically advanced product backed by our 10 year guarantee and over 15 years of Turkey based experience and award winning expertise.

Stretch Ceiling Systems, offers a wealth of knowledge, history, and technical innovation from design assistance and installation management to highly experienced installers and after-sales care.

Stretch Ceiling Systems, management and Stretch Ceiling Specialists are dedicated to assist you from the early stage of every ceiling or unique feature design. We will ensure that the functionality and performance of the Stretch Ceiling System is developed and specified in the most suitable and complimenting fashion to its surrounding environment. We also strive to keep the installation methods of paramount importance to provide a fast and clean installation service of custom installations.

Stretch Ceiling Systems, Barrisol Ceiling are available in an extensive range of Colors and Finishes, require no painting or decoration, are hygienic, non toxic, and come with a 10 year Guarantee. The product is 100% Recyclable. Our ceilings are Class A (I) Fire Rated in accordance with ASTM E84 testing.

Stretch products observe the highest European standards. We want to give customers an opportunity to create unique spaces around themselves. Stretch offers a wealth of knowledge, history and technical innovation from design assistance to installation management, vastly experienced installers and after sales care.